Buades is Mallorca

Talking about Buades is talking about Mallorca, because Mallorca is sea, water, it is life. In Buades we love water, an incalculable treasure, and following the path of its founders we design products that are respectful of the environment, ecology, energy saving and sustainability. Our proposal is to create elegant taps, with personality, ecological and, of course, with Mallorcan DNA.

Our Catalogue reflects the philosophy of the brand, the perfect unity of design and function that transforms water into a sensual and delicate element.


Buades’ products are inspired by the Mediterranean, this is his only and distinctive trend and materialises this idea in three big lines of design: Mediterranean, Edition and Home, as well as the specific range for kitchen and thermostatic and timed taps.



The taps in the Mediterranean range clearly reflect the Buades philosophy. This range of tapware allows water to flow in all of its forms, with an almost poetic and sensual appeal. Created to meet the demand of a perfect communion of design and function, mediterranean offers innovative design concepts, exquisite form and seamless blend of shape and material. Mediterranean is made by people who view design as an essential experience, capable of recognising genius in the singularity of individual solutions.


The most varied range of the Buades relaunch for 2017. Pure creativity in a review of the firm’s models since its inception. Heritage is the first of the various collections in this proposal, and it focuses on reinventing the classics from the most creative point of view. It complements perfectly with Port Lligat, a Catalan town that lends its name here to describe the elegance and simplicity of this collection of taps. Meanwhile, the main course comes from Heraklion, with a resoundingly modern classicism. But the Edition range has much more to discover, like Formentor, which is defined by the subtle geometric shapes of its mixer taps. And also Proa, which was born from a work with solid and harmonic forms. Finally, you cannot miss a collection like Azimut -with very linear lines that convey an absolute sensation of serenity- or another like 360º -which is the pure essence of minimalism-.



The third bet of Buades for 2017 is a gallery of designs for the day to day, with the own freshness that the character of the new Buades emanates. In it we can find collections such as Snipe (where efficiency and functionality prevail) or Barcelona (undeniable Mediterranean evocation). However, the Home range also surprises with Hope, a collection that blends elegance and innovation in an exercise of renewing the brand’s innate canons. And as a “delicious” proposition, Buades has devised Genova, where the taps stand out for their charm. Without forgetting the soft shapes of the Cagliari or Bruma designs, both suitable for the tastes of any home. But this third range of Buades includes 100% pure options such as Noray, which includes mixer handles that give off strength as well as stability. Finally, there is the Miró collection, carefully composed in every detail.